At Bonus Point, we know how valuable our talented associates are to us and that’s why we make sure they feel like part of an extended family! Our dedicated creative team works hard together towards developing knowledge and enhancing skills that help strengthen the success of the company. We strive for a welcoming workplace where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas and creating great work.

We foster an environment that encourages our teams to strive for personal growth and professional excellence no matter what position on the company ladder. We take your well-being seriously so you can focus on developing yourself both within and outside of work hours. Our caring culture extends beyond our internal teams! We have activities such as family meet-ups, team building exercises, out-of-hour activities, training and more, all designed to ensure that everyone feels comfortable with their role in the organization. Emerge from these experiences feeling like a part of something bigger than yourself!

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    Team outings

    Team outings are vital for building better relationships between team leaders and associates, as well as to create an open and collaborative culture. Our goal is to give teams the perfect chance to get closer, share laughter more freely, gain mutual trust and understanding on a deeper level.

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    Diverse workspace

    Bonus Point offers the chance to become part of a successful culture that encourages diversity and growth. Our senior leaders will support you in developing your skills, so that you can discover who you are and what makes you unique. They will help bring out the best version of yourself, so that together as a team we can continue pushing for positive change.We want people from all walks of life to join us in becoming trendsetters, innovators, pioneers – someone with ambition beyond measure!

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